Interview with Camille and Bryce from ‘More Than a Wheelin’

We have only been on the road for a few months, yet we have found the full-time community to be extremely giving of their time and energy.  True Nomads, at least the ones we’ve met personally or thru social media, are cheerleaders for anyone seeking to become a part of this lifestyle.

Two of these individuals of whom I speak are Camille Attell and Bryce Cripe from MoreThanaWheelin.  The journal they are creating thru their blog should give anyone considering this way of life, HOPE.  Their photographs of this great country allow you to escape from reality if but for a brief moment and should provide an incentive to help answer the question, What If?

The narrative that follows is their response to five questions I submitted to them in preparation for this brief interview.  I hope you enjoy their story!  “Thank you Camille and Bryce!”

1.   “What’s your BHAG?”, meaning what’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal for this life you’ve chosen?
 To create new ways of making money versus the traditional cubicle jobs. We both worked in corporate environments our whole lives and were used to making money via a consistent paycheck. This is a blessing and a curse. You can count on it but it can also be ripped away at any point. It also keeps you beholden to a place and employer. We decided to jump ship while still relatively young enough (although we’re in our 40s and 50s) while we could experiment with entrepreneurialism. It was a calculated but necessary risk. Our BHAG is to replace our income so that we can sustain our travels and create freedom in where, when, and how we travel.
2.  Describe your favorite Boondocking experience and why should anyone considering full-timing give the concept more thought?  Yes, it’s free but what’s the real draw?
 We just had our favorite experience  outside of Grand Teton National Park. It’s called Upper Teton View and about ten rigs can fit in the space. It’s high up with a stunning view of the Tetons. Boondocking is great because you can escape the crowds, it’s usually quieter, and yes it’s free. It’s a great strategy to offset costs when you are full-timing. It’s really the ultimate freedom because everything is on your terms.
Full-timing is not a vacation, it’s a way of life. It also isn’t for everyone, but my thinking is you don’t know until you try it. You get to see the country (or other countries if you go international) on your terms. Instead of squeezing in a trip in a week’s time, you can stretch it out and stay longer in different places. Now a days, you can work remotely making travel even easier for many. Freedom like this comes at a cost though. Leaving behind friends and family is the hardest part. Also leaving behind certain structure and routines can be difficult too. All of these adjustments are just that–adjustments. I say it takes about a year to really get into the rhythms of the road. So if you decide to go full-time, practice compassion because you are on a massive growth curve.
3.  Is there a project you’ve had in mind where you’ve considered collaborating with other full-timers?  What is it and how do you see it playing out?
Answer from Camille: yes all the time. I just collaborated with a woman named Liz Wilcox on a hilarious book called Tales From the Black Tank: A Collection of Hilariously Crappy RV Stories. About twelve RVers submitted stories and now it’s an awesome collection of funny as well as educational stories. You can read more about the book and relationship building @ (
I also run a MasterMind group with four women who blog. We help each other become better bloggers, marketers, and overall, better business owners.
Lastly, I’m collaborating on a documentary film with a number of RVers (Learn more about them and others in the cast at I am very excited about this project as it will delve deep into this lifestyle and show the good, bad, and even better. In addition to being in the film, I am also the project manager working behind the scenes which is fantastic for me since that’s my background. 
4.  Camille, you obviously have a passion for art and I noticed your T-shirts on your site.  Where do you want to go with this?  I’m an old hippie at heart and love the look!
Hmm I don’t actually have T-shirts. We don’t do any products so maybe you saw that on another RVer’s site. We’re not sure if we will do More Than A Wheelin’ branded products either. I’m torn about it actually. Part of this lifestyle is minimalism; it’s why many of us got into it. I write about our little hoarding problem on our blog.  So the idea of creating branded products sits funny with me. I also know we live in a capitalistic society and would be shooting ourselves in the foot to miss that opportunity. We’ll see.
But I am into art, and I make found object art which I am getting ready to launch. What I love about it is that it incorporates this lifestyle as it’s found object art made with things I find on the road. I get to clean up and transform trash essentially. (see photos). I’ll be opening an Etsy shop under “Camille Felice Art” (Felice is my middle name). 
5.  So Bryce, when did you develop an interest in the markets and will options trading be a goal for helping to sustain your travel or is it just a hobby?
 Mr. RVClear, I developed a fascination with financial markets all the way back in my junior high school years. In the 7th grade all I wanted for Christmas was to own stocks, and my parents bought me my first stock which was three shares of Boeing Company. I still hold those shares today and have been keenly interested in markets ever since.
I’m looking at options trading as an income strategy, where I’m primarily looking to write covered calls. I’m hoping to be successful at generating income but do not expect that to be my sole source of income to sustain my travels.
We hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into their lives.  Our hope is to meet up with them at some point as we criss cross the country, enjoying along with them…… a much simpler, fuller, life!

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