Elisa Norman, Owner of A Plus RV Inspections…Glad We Met Online!

A few weeks ago I was online one evening following up on some friends who are also full-timers and came across Elisa and her business, APlusRVInspections.com, clearly by chance.

My curiosity was peaked when I investigated further and discovered that not only is Elisa the owner, she is also the founder and CEO.  She is truly a one woman show and while we haven’t officially met in person, and I don’t want to speak for her but I would venture to say that she prefers it that way!

So, like any good investigative journalist ( NOT!), I decided to reach out to Elisa to learn more about her and why she followed this prompting to serve the RV community.  On a personal note, this is a huge answer to prayer for many I’m sure.  Speaking only for myself of course, it would have given us peace of mind to know that the RV we chose was free of any major pre-existing issues.  It was by the way, but I only know that based on what we’ve witnessed so far from five months of use.

Before I share Elisa’s responses to the questions I submitted to her, know this.  She had never heard of me prior to my initial inquiry.  I simply reached out with the hope that we could connect and ultimately have a new RV friend to add to our little vagabond family.  Elisa couldn’t have been more accommodating!   Thank you Elisa for what you do and for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to share a little about your business along with a few fun facts I think our followers would love to learn about you outside of your RV life.

Here we go!

1. Tell us something most people would not know about you?

If people find me on Facebook, they see that I like to run . . .a lot. But what they might not know is that I used to be a ballerina, and I also have a black belt in karate. I have four children: twins in college, one in high school, and a fourth grader.

2.  How did you decide you wanted to become a certified RV inspector and what did you do previously?

I was a High School English teacher at a private Christian school. I owned a dance studio before I became a school teacher, and I wanted to own my own business again. However, I wanted something that offered more flexible hours. What I love about RV inspecting is that I get to schedule my days,  I get to be active (climb around on roofs!) and I also get to use my English skills (writing reports). I especially love that this is a new and growing field that is absolutely necessary in the market place. My reports help people clarify their decisions and have a better idea of what they are walking into.

3.  What is a long term goal you would like to reach?

I’d love to be a full-time RVer after we are empty-nesters. I love traveling the country and visiting our state and national parks. I’d love to run or hike the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. (My son and I hiked the John Muir Trail last summer.)

4.  Favorite destination?

I can’t pick just one. That’s the lure of full-time RVing! I love mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, canyons. I love being outside! ,

5.  Most revealing RV inspection?

Hidden water intrusion. Oh my, when it gets in, it goes everywhere.

Finally, any facts you’d like our readers to know!

Stay on top of your roof sealant! Replace it when needed. Keep your RV under cover as much as possible.

Thank you again Elisa!  For our readers, please pass along Elisa’s information to anyone looking to purchase an RV and hit the road.  She is based in Texas but maybe she can consult or refer you to a colleague in your area for assistance.

Cheers everybody!


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