Healthcare Coverage is a Sticky Wicket When Deciding to Full-Time!

When we set out on this journey several months ago, one of our biggest obstacles was finding healthcare coverage outside of the ACA (Affordable Care Act).  We knew what we were in for, given that both of us have pre-existing conditions.   We decided to go with an affordable plan through a non-profit with a high deductible.

I had previously been licensed in life and health so I was well aware of the risks when we decided to make this move.  I use to have great healthcare coverage.  I never faced a steep hospital or doctor’s bill for nearly twenty years.  Now, reality has sunk in because this past weekend, I was faced with another health challenge, so Christmas will come early for the hospital where I was treated.  It’s all on me (both trips to the ER).

Still, we have no regrets for the decisions we’ve made and we love full-timing.  My wise son said, “Dad, you have to let go of the money god (little g) and focus on the true God because He is who you need to put your faith in!).  Wow, wise words from our son.  

You can always receive wise counsel from someone younger by the way.  We all need to be reminded of the God we serve.  You don’t have to agree with my beliefs, but we choose to worship the only God we have ever known.

We face challenges every day.  We have small victories every day.  Who do you think is in charge of those?

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