Heart Health and a Full-Time Lifestyle!

What are you and I putting in our bodies?  Are you leading a healthy lifestyle since your decision to travel full-time?  I can only answer those questions for myself.  I have not been treating my castle with care for some time.  I have tried to convince myself that I consume a fairly healthy selection of foods.  NOT!  

Have you ever read, Eat for Your Blood Type (dadamo.com)?  You might try it.  I am an A+ and for years, I have consumed red meat on a regular basis.  I also have eaten my fair share of pork over the years.  I’m from the South.   It’s what we do!  Meat is not on my play list as an A+.

My primary care provider asked me if I was up against myself, meaning, was I saying one thing and doing another.  Answer, YES!  At 55, I have plenty of time to reverse things.  I also have an additional incentive.  I have Paroxysmal AFib.  My heart goes out of rhythm for no apparent reason due to a miss fire in the Atria (the upper chambers of my heart).  That puts me at greater risk for strokes and clots.   I don’t want to be hooked up to a bunch of tubes or the other terminal option simply because I chose to be a knucklehead!

Do some research on your own.  If you want some very credible help, check out www.drjohnday.com.  Dr. Day is a cardiologist who trained at Johns Hopkins and Sanford.  He provides great insight on a number of topics.

Let’s face it, if your heart is malfunctioning, all bets are off.  Don’t do what I do.  Find out for yourself if what I’m telling you is the truth.  

I am now in day 4 of my radical change in eating habits.  Will I stumble?  Probably.  Do I want to finish the race well?  Absolutely!

Take care of your heart folks!  Cheers!

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