Merry Christmas! What a Year!!!

I don’t know where to start.  Yes, it’s been a few months since our last post but we wanted to give thanks for an incredible 2017.  In January we listed our home not knowing when it would sell and how long it would take to get to Virginia Beach.  Not only did God orchestrate the sale but He also guided every step along the way from the move to the purchase of our RV and truck, to the summer long journey, visit to Kansas, and ultimate sale of our rig to a great family.

Wait, it gets better.  We found a tiny apartment within two weeks of selling our home on wheels and then God did the incredible once again.  He reminded me of His greatness by delivering to me a new  job that I thought I had no chance of getting when I saw the posting.  A new friend prayed that I receive the desires of my heart.  Was it God’s will?  I believe it absolutely was.  The prayer reminded me that we indeed can pray for big things if they align with Hs will.

Does God promise us a bed of roses?  No, of course not.  So despite the setbacks ahead of us, we are so thankful for a year full of grace and traveling mercies, new friends, a new home.  The journey has just begun.  To our roadie friends, we will be back.  Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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