A Little About Greg and Gina

Gina is a a native of Western Kentucky.  She should have grown up on a ranch because of her love for horses but somehow she managed to fall for Greg during their sophomore year at The University of Tennessee at Martin in Martin Tennessee.

She has never met a stranger, literally!   She is a natural at building relationships because of her charismatic personality.

She has started several successful businesses over the years from catering to cupcakes to massage therapy and somehow managed to raise two children and keep Greg in line for the last 35 years.  Now she is joining him on their next adventure of exploring tiny living in an RV in Virginia Beach, VA.

Greg is a native of Northwest Tennessee.  The youngest of three brothers, Greg is definitely the nomad in the family.  Every couple of years he has an itch to scratch and he’s starting to get itchy again.  

They are selling everything they have and moving into a 300 square foot fifth wheel and would like to call it home on a permanent basis.  It’s a true step of faith for them both.

The first stop on their journey will be Virginia Beach to visit three little munchkins (grandchildren) and their mommy and daddy.  A summer detour will include a trip to Kansas to visit their son.

With no permanent zip code, Greg and Gina hope to see as much as they can for as long as they can.

Follow their journey as these two fifty something nomads live the tiny life!