How We Finance This Journey

There’s a lot that goes into living and working on the road.  First of all, we are not wealthy.  We didn’t just hit the lottery and we didn’t inherit a large sum of money.  What we are, is resourceful!

We both have a couple of business ventures that keep us busy and the lights turned on.  It’s been a thrill to get the creative juices flowing again I must say.  Depending too much on an employer can suppress the entrepreneurial promptings if you know what I mean.

One area we’ve dedicated ourselves to going forward is Relationship Marketing.  You may not get the term but you’ve experienced it at some point in your life.  It’s that moment when the person you’re having a conversation with truly spends more time getting to know you rather than telling you all about him/her.

Society teaches us to focus on the GET rather than the GIVE.  So, we named our business, One Dane or Two, “working for you” (because you may prefer to work with the pretty one).  In all seriousness, we work with anyone who recognizes the value of paying it forward.  For our business owners, it’s about helping them understand that a transactional sale is short lived and that it’s more important to build a long term relationship based on TRUST!

For individuals who simply want more out of life than money, maybe it’s about helping them reconnect with old friends or forge ahead with newly minted friendships.

We will be the first to tell you that we don’t have it all figured out but we are here to listen.

God Bless,

Greg & Gina